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About OD Childcare

We aim to develop and better transform early childhood education all across India and abroad. Using our years of experience in providing and training organizations and teachers on early childhood education, our goal is to provide better infrastructure and training for teachers, organizations to equip them with the necessary skills in order to provide better early childhood education. We directly & indirectly interact with teachers, students, parents and organisations in training them in improving the quality of education for children and also provide guidance in creating curriculum, establish proper classroom furniture and outdoor play equipment that makes learning fun for children in order to provide all-round holistic development of the child in the early stages of their life.

What We Do?

Early Childhood Education

Preschool is a time in a child’s life when he/she first time ever stays away from the comfort of their parents. We help children develop social skills & the basics of education by letting them move, explore & discover on their own in a fun filled environment without having to feel being away from their parents.

Curriculum Development

Children attending preschool have an opportunity and access to interact with other children, teachers & other tools which they might not have experienced with their parents. We help in creating a structured curriculum that helps them take benefit of this opportunity in the best way possible.

Training For Teachers

Unlike regular teachers preschool teachers do more than teaching arts & crafts. They also provide structure & guidance that help children grow and understand by themselves. Our trainings equip teachers with proper skills, that help in the all round holistic development of a child.

Child Care

Research has shown that early childhood education, plays an important role in the overall development of a child to an adult. Through our programs we aim to provide free books & study materials to students in remote places where access to modern education is limited.

Our Associates