About Us


We aim to develop and better transform early childhood education infrastructure all across India and abroad by providing better quality education, books, materials and curriculum’s, and also help school owners, teachers & parents in better understanding what is necessary for the holistic development of the child in the early years.


OD Child Care addresses gaps in education systems with innovative, low-cost, replicable interventions that span the age spectrum, and these programs collectively reach millions of children. In “direct” work, an Odchild care work with School consultant of India and Hello Kids, whereas the “partnership” model involves Odchild Care work closely with schools and students to overall growth of childrens, Odchild care is bridging the gap between the students and school at early age education with fun and playful learning model.

Kids are the future of a nation, the development of children holds the key to the progress of the nation itself, and education is the cornerstone of this progress.

Realizing this, OS Child care, beginning in the corridors of education, has adopted a life cycle approach with intensive programs focused on early Education (Hello Kids Preschool ), livelihood (Hello Kids Franchise & Little Fingers), and community engagement (School Consultant of India) through empowerment, which early education and livelihood and empowerment.

Our Goal

Modern Classroom

Trained Professional Teachers

Educate Parents

Access To Education For Children